Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Oh the "wonderful" life of the rich... and rich

So as per usual I am putting off what I actually need to be doing, procrastination central. I have just come across the reality TV show - Rich Kids in Beverly Hills. Like, totes OMG! Haha but seriously, omg!

It is so outrageously ridiculous yet I can not stop watching! Honest. I have gone through the WHOLE season (9 episodes) in just 24 hours - and totally not ashamed!

It follows the lives of a few rich mid twenty-somethings (like spend $30,000 as if no biggie rich) from Beverly Hills. They all come from wealthy families (**spoilt rich kids alert**) Some of them do have jobs.. but still totally live off their parents money. One of the girls had her parents buy her a $3.5 million apartment during the season... and then spent an extra $250 000 to decorate.

Another girl was "cut off" which was totally the end of the world.. Yet she got to keep her car, still live at home and was given money -- just not as much, or enough. It was interesting though, she was worried that without unlimited funds that her friends would edge her out, seeing as she wouldn't be able to live as extravagantly. No need to worry - no friendships lost.. she was just their poor friend now.

It is a window into a WHOLE NEW WORLD -- commence singing... The extravagance is overwhelming, lavish penthouse parties, spontaneous trips, not to mention the shopping! Seriously, the amount of shopping these girls do is ca-razy! They drop some serious dough.

And of course, I can not forget to mention the DRAMA -- that is expected in any good reality TV show. The fights are pretty fierce guuurrrl. *Snap*

Despite all the craziness though, the girls are funny (unintentionally most of the time) and stick together. Like, even after what I would call a huge fight, they just kind of apologise and then move on. I think we can all take notes on that.

I just love how unashamed they are -- they do what they want, live how they want and do not care what other people think. I mean hello, they have this show. I'm kind of obsessed and take inspiration from that.

The length of this post just shows how much I am into this show. It is a lil bit embarrassing, but whatevs. I dare you to watch it and not be entertained!

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