Monday, 17 February 2014

Importance of protein

The first week of the weight loss challenge was dedicated to the importance of protein. I always thought protein was just for the guys wanting to bulk up - so in essence, I was scared of it.  I have learnt  however that everyone needs protein, and quite a lot of it.

In order to have the slim, toned body I am after, I need to feed my body protein. However, this does not mean I need to go out and buy those massive containers of protein powder from the gym (you know the ones - they usually have the picture of some body builder type on the label).

As I am using Herbalife products, they sell their own protein powder. One of the key ingredients is why protein which is commonly used by athletes to accelerate muscle development and recovery. Don't think this isn't for you because you are not an athlete because as I have said, everyone needs protein. Whey protein is just a really natural source of protein and very efficient (meaning you do not need a crazy amount of it like some protein powders suggest).

Having the right amount of protein every day will help you maintain lean body mass. This is important because the more lean body mass you have, the higher your metabolism. The higher your metabolism, the more rapidly you burn calories and stored fat! This is crucial to weight loss and for achieving those sexy, toned bodies!

So I have introduced the Herbalife personalised protein powder to my everyday diet by adding 2 scoops to my shakes. This has actually helped tremendously with my hunger pains as well. I find now that I don't really need to snack as often between meals.

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