Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Nourifusion Cleanser

I have tried so many different facial cleansers it isn't even funny. It takes a long time to try skincare products as well because you need to give them a fair chance, allowing (I feel) at least a month to see true results. After using this product for over 6 months now, I can say I love it.
This cleanser is a gel and suits normal to oily skin types. It contains eucalyptus and tea tree oils which are great for clearing your skin if you have blemishes, yet still gentle.

I like to use one pump of the cleanser and rub it in circular motions all over my face and neck. I add a little bit of water after about 15 seconds to lather it into a nice foam. I continue to massage my face with cleanser for around 30 - 60 seconds.

To take it off I wet my face cloth, and rub in gentle circular motions. I like to do this as it feels like I am really giving my skin a good clean. I then just wipe away the excess product and pat dry my face.

After I have cleansed my face with this product, I like to continue with my toner, moisturiser and any other extra products. 

Check out my review on the Nourifusion Clarifying Mask, another product I absolutely love. No question about it, my all time favourite clay mask.

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