Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Balenciaga Paris

This perfume is lovely. It is floral without being too flowery and sophisticated without being dated. It has a strong note of violet and carnation with a touch of sweetness, which is kept under control with notes of pepper and dry woods. Can you tell I got that from the website? Haha 

To me it, it smells like a lush garden. As it isn't too sweet, I find it to be quite mature, sophisticated and elegant. Due to the floral-ness (not even a word) though, it stays young and fresh. 

I do find the scent to be quite light. I happen to like light scents as I do not have to worry about the scent ever being too strong and overbearing. If you like strong scents, this may not be for you. The lasting power also isn't the greatest. I find I need to re-spritz after a few hours. This isn't the worse thing because you can easily decant some of the perfume into a travel perfume container and carry it with you.

Obviously, I love the packaging. It matches the scent perfectly being elegant and sophisticated. The shape of the bottle is amazing and the cracked finish of the lid is perfect. 

Overall, I do really like this perfume.

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