Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Welcome to Fregon!

On Saturday 14th December I flew from Brisbane to Alice Springs where I met my Dad. From there it was a 5 hour drive to a small town, Fregon.

Fregon is a small town in the middle of the Australian outback. There are approximately 200 - 300 residents, mainly indigenous.

Why, you may ask, why did I come to the middle of nowhere? Well, I have family friends out here who manage THE local store. With my Dad already out here, they asked if I would like to come join him and earn some money over the summer. Good money too.

After much internal debating, I decided the experience and money would be worth it. It is only 6 weeks after all.

I have never done anything like this before. I am very much a girl of comfort, enjoying the finer things in life. This is something completely different.

I brought practically every luxury item I could fit into my suitcase. When I say luxury item, I am talking about my hair dryer, face mask, body moisturiser etc.

It is the end of my third day here and I can say that I see myself surviving the next 6 weeks. The work is fairly easy, basic stuff. Packing shelves, restocking, food prep and checkout chick. I had a laugh when I found out what they would want me to do, as my Dad has always teased me saying if I don't work hard I will end up a check out chick (NO OFFENCE AT ALL - check out chicks have a blinkin tough job, as I have found out)

The hardest part of the job is dealing with the locals. Not only is their the communication/language barrier but their way of life is completely different to what I am used to. As is their way of thinking. I will write a separate post all about it.

However, nothing drastic has happened as of yet. My feet do hurt quite a bit but I guess I will grow accustomed to that. There is also the fact I am now waking up around 5am and starting work at 7:30am.

I plan to post regularly about my time out here. Hopefully you find it interesting.

Don't worry, I will also continue to post about all things girly!

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